SFH-142916 Bilder von Aquatic Parc Berkeley Noisewall bing.com/images
Übersicht Blick nach Nord-Westen

SFH-142915 Why is Aquatic Park So Little Used?: Design Options for an Effective and Aesthetic Soundwall , Kellie J. Gan
If Aquatic Park realty were on the real estate market, chances are the seller would have a difficult time unloading the property.

SFH-142137 Transurban Innovation Grant
Transformation Team Research Team Project design and management Dr Jordan Lacey Contact Jordan Lacey Jordan.lacey@rmit.edu.au 0415661559 Technical Team Assoc Prof Lawrence Harvey Dr Jordan Lacey Dr Stephan Moore Cancellation team Ethnography Team Distinguished Prof Sarah Pink Dr Shanti Sumartojo Melissa Duque Studio Team Dr Ross McLeod Assoc Prof Lawrence Harvey Dr. Jordan Lacey Simon Maisch Ari Sharp Timothy Percy Prof Xiaojun Qiu Sepei Zhao https://sites.rmit.edu.au/transurbaninnovationgrantrmit2016/ Please read report alongside companion website For site password please contact Jordan Lacey jordan.lacey@rmit.edu.au

SFH-142136 RMIT Acoustic design innovations for managing motorway traffic noise by cancellation and transformation
RMIT Acoustic design innovations for managing motorway traffic noise by cancellation and transformation Research synopsis Transurban awarded an Innovation Grant to RMIT University (RMIT) in 2016 to undertake research into managing motorway noise using active noise cancellation and transformation. The research, completed by RMIT was the first international example of applying ‘noise transformation’ using live electroacoustic technology in noise-affected environments to improve community perception of urban noise

SFH- 142135 Berkeley Has New Sound Wall Plan / City has redesigned landscaped noise baffle, Debra Levi Holtz, Chronicle Staff Writer,April 17, 2000 Updated: Aug. 6, 2012 2:41 p.m.
The city of Berkeley will try to persuade state transportation officials this week to go along with its newest design for a "living wall" of vegetation along Interstate 80.

SFH-141961 HEALTH ADVISORY Aquatic Park , As of September 27, 2019, Anmerkung Dr. Lederbauer vom 22.10.2019
Water Quality Alert Avoid contact with the water at Aquatic Park. Testing received on Sept. 27, 2019 shows elevated levels of bacteria. Water contact may cause illness. Shower and towel dry after contact. The City has increased its frequency of water sampling and is closely monitoring water quality.


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